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Lab Retriever is a blog dedicated to retrieving all that you dearly hold in life, bringing it back, categorizing all the positives about it and presenting it in front of you. You might have found yourselves in a situation where you feel that nothing can change your tomorrow.

Well, we used to find ourselves in a similar situation and managed to get out of it. If we could manage, so could you! All it takes is a second opinion on what positives you can bring in your life. In addition, we would like to be that positive opinion that helps you get over the bridge.

It does not matter if you have to eat healthily, travel places, bring a little adventure into your lives but a positive mindset can take you places.

Lab Retriever’s initial aim has always been to help others out and that is what it always will be. We cover different areas through our posts and blogs and hope that all of the information we provide helps you out in your routine lives.

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On-Trend Watches in Good Time

The Gift-Givers Godsend



In need of a sentimental gift for an anniversary or engagement- or perhaps an eye-catching accessory for a wardrobe update? Cocomi.com is the go-to site to shop quality watch brands for every occasion. As an official brand-appointed distributor and retailer, excellence is the standard. With thousands of options available, the perfect piece for that special someone is only a few clicks away. To refine the selections, search by brand, finish, and even dimension. Cocomi makes gift-giving easy for each price point with a fashionable offering starting at around $100. Moreover, the shipping is free and fast. Last-minute shoppers need not worry.


Looks for Every Look



Cocomi.com truly has a watch for every style. Sporty, Classic, Minimalistic – they are all here. Danish or Italian. Vintage-inspired or Trendy. Browse options from Boss, Coach, Maserati, and more. Max Rene by Bering offers a selection of “couple watches”- elegant duos with the same sophisticated finishes but in different proportions. They even have this Ferrari watch. What is a better gift to mark a milestone for a pair whose love has truly stood the test of time? On another note, the Olivia Burton collection is full of whimsy for a modern-day Alice in Wonderland. The line features natural inspirations, soft palettes, and large clock faces on delicate bands. No matter the individual, Cocomi.com has iconic timepieces to celebrate their originality.


Delivered in the Nick of Time



Customers are in love not only with the quality watches Cocomi provides but also the service. Ninety-six percent of the customers give a five-star review. They rave about the beauty of the product and the timely delivery. Reports say that some customers have received their order in as little as 48 hours on the standard local delivery. If same-day delivery is required, that guarantee is also available on weekdays at the time of order. The click and collect option is also helpful for locals who would rather not receive packages at their homes; Items are ready for pick up in fifteen minutes. For international shoppers, a speedy 2-4 day turnaround can be expected with no additional custom or duty fees.





Cocomi.com offers top-notch quality, service, and convenience. All pieces ship in an official watch box to anywhere in the world. With Atome or Hoolah, customers can upgrade their looks sooner rather than later by paying in three monthly installments. Nearly every watch purchase includes a 2-3 year warranty and free one-year battery replacement. To confirm, see each brand statement on the site. Assistants are waiting to answer order questions through live chat, email, or phone calls. For the whole package, shop watches on Cocomi.com. Take advantage of the sitewide 20% off sale today.

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Learning About Washi Tape and Its Uses

There are many crafting supplies that you see in stores, and you might not know what they all are used for. If you have heard of washi tape but never really seen it or used it for yourself, you might be wondering what it is and why people like it. There are many ways that washi tape can be used, and it is something special.


Washi Tape is a Masking Tape with Patterns On It:

There are different types of tape available in the store. Some of those tapes are clear, and some are made in a solid color. Washi tape (find it in this stationery store) is something that is colored, and it is something that is made out of natural fibers. This is something that is thin, that has patterns on it, and that can be very durable. Washi tape is something that some people collect, so that they can have rolls of it in patterns for every type of occasion.


Washi Tape is Used to Decorate Items:

There are times when an envelope just looks a little boring and you don’t want to send that out the way that it is. You might choose to use a little washi tape on an envelope when you are bored with the way that it looks and want it to be a little prettier. A person might use washi tape on a note that they are leaving for someone if they want that note to be a little more fun, or they might use the tape on a plain colored gift bag if they want to make that bag special.


Washi Tape is Used to Create Crafts:

There are some crafts that a person can make that use washi tape as the main material in their construction. You might make jewelry items out of washi tape, and some will use the tape to create bookmarks. Because this tape comes in a variety of patterns, you can use it to create crafts for all ages. There is washi tape with flowers on it, and there is some that has a cartoonish appearance and that is appropriate to be used for gifts for children. Washi tape can be stuck together in a way that creates a fun item that will be appreciated when given as a gift.


There are a Lot of Reasons to Consider Purchasing Washi Tape:

If you have fun with all kinds of crafts and like to have all kinds of materials around, you can appreciate all that washi tape offers. You might purchase multiple rolls at once, simply to keep those in your home so that you will have them if you need them.

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What to Look for in a Luxury Flat Like One Normanton Park in Singapore

If you are looking for a luxury flat for the first time, there are several things that are important to consider from all the options that are available to you. New developments like One Normanton Park are being built in response to the demand for luxury housing and the consumer’s desire to continue renting or buying managed spaces. These are some key things and details to think about when you are ready to begin looking for a luxury flat in Singapore.


Location, Location, Location

When it comes to business and life, the perfect location is important. Whether you want to be in the heart of it all or seek a slightly out of the way destination with a killer view, location is a huge factor to consider when shopping around for a luxury apartment. One Normanton Park is located right in the heart of the Singapore skyline, easily accessible to parkland and connected to the heart of the city. A development that makes life easier and more convenient is part of what you are paying for in luxury housing options.


Impressive Architecture

Everyone has different tastes when it comes to architecture, but when it comes to luxury housing you want to find a place that really stands out and is impressive. A huge part of living in a luxury flat is making an impression and the design, facade, and architectural details are part of what makes a luxury development impressive and more expensive to live in. The buildings that make up One Normanton Park in Singapore are bold, impressive and exquisitely designed. What’s more, the entire development is designed impeccably to integrate nature, the architecture, and interaction with the landscape.


Valuable Amenities

There are so many amenities that luxury flats can include these days, both within the flat itself, but in the building and development as a whole. This can include everything from fitness centers to gardens to rooftop pools. Think about the amenities that provide the most value to you and your lifestyle and then shop around for luxury housing that offers them. Developments like One Normanton Park include amenities like tennis courts, several different pools and decks, gyms, playgrounds, running trails, and a fitness center that make the development feel more like a tiny self-contained community than most neighborhoods are.


High Security and Safety Standards

Safety and security are a basic need moving into a flat anywhere, but a high level of security and safety is important and to be expected when you are looking at luxury housing. Find out what standards are offered and what, if any, type of issues the building you are considering faces before committing to a flat.

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The top 5 rare fruit trees

Looking For Something Different To Add To The Garden? Add A Rare Fruit Tree

It is always nice to go out to the backyard and pick fresh fruit right off the tree. Here are five rare fruit trees that would make an impressive addition to the garden.


Hirado Pummelo Tree

Though Americans are just getting introduced to the pummelo fruit, it is one of the most popular fruits in Asia. The Hirado Pummelo Tree originated from Nagasaki, Japan. The fruit is flat on the top and the bottom and yellow when ripe. The fruit’s flesh is pink and sweet. The fruit is harvested in the winter months. The tree can be grown in a container or in the ground.


Yuzu Lemon Tree

The Yuzu Lemon Tree is a rare and unique citrus tree that comes from Japan. It is a sought after fruit for its juice and rind. The sour juice is often used in desserts and drinks. The tree itself is rather small and does not grow taller than 12 feet. During the spring, fragrant white blossoms cover the tree. The large yellow fruit harvested during the winter months. The tree is easy to grow in a container. It prefers to be out in the sun most of the year. It does need to be brought inside once the temperatures fall below freezing.


Sanbokan Sweet Lemon Tree

The Sanbokan Sweet Lemon Tree produces lemon that tastes like a perfect glass of lemonade. The fruit is ready to harvest throughout the winter and into early spring. The rind peels easily, revealing the juicy flesh. The cold-resistant tree grows to be a little over 12 feet tall. The tree can be planted in a container that has proper drainage. They prefer to be in full sun.


Sweet Lime Tree

No is sure how the Sweet Lime Tree came to be. However, it is believed that the sweet lime is a cross of the sweet lemon and the Mexican lime. The flesh of this fruit is tender and juicy. The tree is hardier than other traditional lime trees. It is a self-fertile tree but can be pollinated with a sweet lemon or orange tree. However, this may increase the seeds within the fruit. The trees can be grown in containers or in the ground. They are sensitive to temperatures. They do not like weather that is too hot or too cold.


Ortanique Tree

The Ortanique Tree was created in Jamaica. Its name comes from combining the words orange, tangerine, and unique. The round dense tree produces orange-colored fruit late in the season. Though the fruit is tough to peel, it is worth the effort to get to the sweet juicy flesh.


Those were just 5 of the rarest fruit trees, if you wanna see more check out this youtube video, this guys has an insane stock:

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Living with Pets

Research has proven that having a pet in your life can be beneficial for any person. The pet could be a dog or a cat or any other animal but in general, having a pet tends to have the same kind of effect and a person’s mood is always improved while they are with their pets. It is also true that being around a pet can help a person remain calm. The time spent with your pet could be very beneficial for your health. However, these are not the only benefits of having a pet around in your life as there are pros and cons to it, some of them have been listed below.

As a pet owner, researches have revealed that people who own a pet tend to live longer. It is also beneficial to have pets in order to prevent allergies. There have been cases that children who grew up having pets tend to not develop any allergies related to animals.

There has also been researches to prove that people or children especially who have pets; they do not develop obesity and are not going to be overweight. Having a pet is directly responsible for keeping their owners fit.

It is also a known fact that having pets can also help you socialize with fellow pet owners. Having a pet present tends to make the introductory conversation much easier than it probably would have been.

However, these are all the positive sides of having a pet around. But owning a pet or living around one does have its cons too. The first impact owning a pet has that it is costly. Whether you own a cat or a dog or any other pet, the money spent on taking care of those pets is very ample in comparison the amount you spent on getting those pets in the first place.

Other known drawbacks of having to live with pets includes dealing with allergies. The litter they cause and if you are not properly disposing the litter off they can be harmful and become the cause for more diseases. Another problem you have to deal with is the hair they may leave lying around while they are inside the house. If you have young children, the pet hair that will be all over the house can be harmful for the child.

These are the few pros and cons that we could think of while living with a pet. Do not let these affect the overall opinion of having a pet as it is a wonderful experience.


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