Dental Implants awareness

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Dental Implants awareness

Definition of dental implants.


Dental implants or teeth implants abroad are the permanent anchors that are fixed in your jaw bone replacing the root of the tooth. Dental implants and bridges are the only artificial means that are offered by dentists to give patients permanent teeth. The well-known implants that are embraced by most dentists are screws. These screws are drilled and surgically fixed into the jaw bone. The screws are strongly fixed inside the jawbone offering a durable foundation for your permanent or removable teeth. The replacement teeth are made in search a way that they match your natural teeth.


Bones are the only tissues in the body that are known to take an extended period of time before they heal. A patient that has been fixed with these screws takes about three months or even more before their jawbones recover fully. All patients that have the intention or desire of having a dental implant are first advised to see their dentist so that they can have a thorough discussion. Afterwards, the dentist will advise where necessary.


Dental implants are conducted due to several reasons. Many patients suffer from periodontal illnesses, tooth decay or even physical injuries. For patients with missing teeth or tooth decays, the only option of treatment is to undergo dental implants or bridges. However, a while ago, dentists used to practice dentures.


Are all dental Implants successful and efficient?


The success rate for all dental implants done on patients vary. The success depends on the position and points that the implant is placed in the jaw bone. In a general view, all dental implants have a success rate of about 98%. Appropriate maintenance and care can last the dental implant a lifetime. It’s up to the patient to ensure that the implants are well taken care of.


Why Dental Implants? What are the advantages?


There are various reasons as to why dental implants are preferred by most dentists and patients. They include:


Better speech-Poor fixed dentures can make the loose tooth or teeth to slip inside the mouth causing the patient to mumble or even fail to pronounce some word correctly. Dental implants are permanently fixed guaranteeing the patient no worry that their teeth may accidentally slip.


Comfortable chewing- Slipping dentures are a discomfort. They make chewing challenging. On the other hand, Dental implants mimic your natural teeth. They allow the patient to comfortably chew and eat their favourite food without pain and in much confidence.


Gives the patient magnificent appearance-Dental implants are more like your natural teeth. They are fused to the jaw bone, thus becoming permanent. They allow you to smile and laugh anytime you desire.


Enhanced self-esteem- Well-fixed dental implants give patients back their outstanding smiles. The implants make one feel at ease and free to enjoy life. One feels comfortable interacting and socializing with others.


Enhanced Oral health-Unlike bridges that require a patient to lose some teeth so that the bridge can be fixed, dental implants work quite the opposite. All the teeth that are close to the position that the dental implant is being fixed are not affected. All your natural teeth are left intact. This ensures a better oral health.


How to care for your dental Implants.


Dental implants should be given the same treatment as that of natural teeth. This includes flossing, brushing and later rinsing with an antibacterial mouthwash. Additionally, you should visit your dentist regularly for check-ups.