What is Breast Augmentation and What Are Some the Differences?

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May 9, 2018
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What is Breast Augmentation and What Are Some the Differences?

Breast augmentation is a popular surgical option for patients that would like to increase the size of their breasts. There are many different options when it comes to this procedure that are designed to fit the different needs and preferences of each patient. In each of the different types of procedures, the actual augmentation is done either through the use of fat transfer from different areas of the body or breast implants.

While breast augmentation is fantastic at increasing the size of the breasts, many patients do not simply want to make them bigger. In many cases, the surgery is completed after weight loss or pregnancy or to simply create more a more symmetrical look. Because of the desired effect being more than size, the surgery is sometimes coupled with a breast lift as well that fixes sagging and other issues with the shape that a breast augmentation alone cannot change. In many cases, the breast augmentation and lift can be performed at the same time while in other cases they are done during separate surgeries.

The cost of surgery can vary greatly between doctors and options, but on average the procedure will cost around $3,800. Breast augmentation pricing includes facility costs, medical testing, anesthesia, medications, equipment and clothing costs, as well as the fees for the surgeon (check Breast Augmentation Austin) and medical staff themselves. It is exceptionally important to choose a board-certified surgeon to ensure that the procedure will be performed safely and with pleasing results. Doing the proper amount of research before making the decision about a plastic surgeon can help ensure that the surgery will meet the desired expectations.

Along with cost being a barrier for many as health insurance rarely covers breast augmentation, there are also other factors that can affect a patient’s ability to get the procedure. For example, the patient must be physically healthy as there are additional risks involved in different medical conditions. In addition to health, the patient’s breasts must be fully developed and they cannot be pregnant. Most surgeons will refuse to do most types of cosmetic surgeries while a patient is pregnant due to potential risks for the pregnancy. Since the breasts change so rapidly during and directly after pregnancy, the results of the procedure could be altered drastically and not heal as the patient expected.

Modern breast implants are generally filled with either silicone or saline and come in many different forms and shapes. Silicone implants can either come in the form of either an implant shell filled with silicone gel or a form-stable version known as “gummy bear” implants. The form-stable implants are more firm than the silicone gel versions and require a surgical incision that is longer than the other types of implants. The surface of implants can also either be smooth or textured depending on the desired results. While the smooth implants may allow for more natural looking movement, they are also more likely to have a ripple effect. A surgeon can help their patients choose the type of surgery and implant that will be the best for them.