Best Tortilla Griddles

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December 6, 2020
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Best Tortilla Griddles

Tortilla griddles, also called Comals are cast iron pans used to season and heat tortillas, among other foods. Comals come in different sizes and shapes and can be made of various material. It is important to select a comal made from cast iron and not aluminum to ensure it heats properly.

The Best Overall Tortilla Griddle is the Lodge P14P3 Large Cast Iron Comal

This large cast iron cooking pan by Lodge is a durable, high quality, appealing comal. Whether the cook is using a stovetop, an oven, or even a campfire this tortilla griddle is an excellent choice. With a wide surface area that is surrounded by a thinner wall, it is the perfect space for warming tortillas. Lodge even seasons this pan for the cook, only using vegetable oil and no chemicals or other alternatives. Another great feature of this tortilla griddle is that it is flat with small handles on either side, making it a traditional shape for a comal.

The best Multi-Purpose Tortilla Griddle is the Victoria GDL-186

This comal made by Victoria is shaped like any other skillet, but the walls are shorter than would be in a regular skillet. The 10.5-inch diameter of the skillet makes for excellent heat distribution on a cooktop. This comal also comes pre-seasoned for the convenience of the cook. The company uses a natural flaxseed vegetable oil and the seasoning it provides gets better and better with time. This pan has multiple uses and can also be used to prepare pancakes, pizza, vegetables and much more. It can be used with a variety of heat sources including stoves, broilers, ovens and the open flame of a campfire.

The best High-End tortilla griddle is the Origins Cast Iron Tortilla Griddle

This cast iron comal by Origins is made of heavyweight cast iron, offering excellent heat distribution and temperature retention. It comes preseasoned and is oven safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. This comal offers a long handle for easy handling and even a hole to easily hang when not using. It is suitable for stovetop or oven use.

Comals are popular because they can heat food using a campfire, an oven, or a stove. Different sizes and shapes of comals are available to suit the cooks needs. Some are small and would accommodate a single burner, while some are larger and would make it possible to serve food for a group of people. For more reviews check out reviewho.

Mexican comal pans can be used for more than just warming tortillas. Red meat, vegetables, chicken, pizza and many more foods can be prepared using a tortilla griddle. One of the main attractions to using cast iron griddles to prepare food is the seasoning it provides to flavor the food. When the pans are seasoned, the pan will add a flavor to any food that is cooked using it.


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