Documents You Need To Drive in Australia as a Visitor

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Documents You Need To Drive in Australia as a Visitor

Australia continues to be one of the most iconic tourist destinations globally. 2 million people travel from all over the globe to visit Australia and mostly the state of Queensland, where the Great Barrier Reef is located. People who enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving also love Australia as there are beautiful beaches where they enjoy this part of sports. The country is not just known for tourism, but people also travel for studies and work. For this reason, foreigners always wonder what conditions they have to meet for them to be allowed to drive in the country. Visitors traveling from china are among the group trying to understand what they have to do to drive in Australia.

The good news is that Australian authorities allow visitors from china to drive using their current driving license from china. Mostly, this is allowed to people who plan to stay for three months after landing in Australia. Also, there are documents that you should carry along to be allowed to drive using your license.

Documents to have in addition to your Chinese driving license

  1. A certified translation

The Chinese language is not recognized or used by many in Australia. For the authorities to permit you drive using your Chinese driving license, you should have a certified 驾照翻译 translation of your license. Details such as what motor vehicles you are allowed to drive are also to be indicated correctly. The Australian licensing authorities recognize and issue validation on translations by NAATI.

  1. Passport

A passport is an essential travel document. To drive in Australia, being a visitor, you must always carry this document along with you. It also serves as an identification document. The authorities will not recognize your Chinese identity card. Always remember to have your passport when driving in Australia.

  1. 3. Visa

The visa is the document that shows that you are in Australia legally. This is the document that shows how long you are permitted to stay in the country. Whether it’s for three months, six months, or a permanent visa, these details are shown on the visa. If your stay is short and plans on using your Chinese driving license, always carry along the visa with you. If your visa is permanent, carry the visa before you have an Australia driving license from your state of residence.

Bottom line

With your Chinese current driving license, passport, and visa documents, things will be quite easy when you need to drive in Australia. Some states will also require you to have a physical and legal identification document such as a photographic permit. With an international driving license, it is easy to hire a car in Australia and use it to meet your traveling needs, far better than asking taxis now and then.


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