Why Merrick dog food is a good choice for any pet

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February 25, 2020
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Why Merrick dog food is a good choice for any pet

A couple of years ago, we adopted a dog from a local animal shelter. A dog that had been abused and, while in much better shape than it had been when it had first been picked up, still had some health issues.

That is why we wanted to be sure our first pet had an exceptionally good start as a member of our family. That is also why we chose to feed it Merrick dog food (check out these Merrick dog food reviews) most of the time.

Why did we choose Merrick dog food? — As soon as we took our new dog home, and realized it had some health issues, we wanted to make sure the food we fed it was the best we could afford.

Merrick dog food is not only a high quality food that our dog loves to eat, it is also made from whole foods and it is affordable.

Organic whole food ingredients — Merrick also uses a high percentage of organic ingredients in its food. Almost all ingredients are from whole foods. Foods like potatoes, USDA certified chicken and beef, carrots, blueberries and yams.

For us, that meant our dog was not having to deal with pesticides and other unhealthy things in addition to its current health problems.

Grain-free products — As if our dog’s health problems were not enough to deal with, we also discovered he had a slight allergy to gluten.

While not anything life-threatening we did notice, if he ate any dog food with wheat products in it, he seemed to have less energy than when he did not.

That was another reason we turned to Merrick dog food as they offer Limited Ingredient foods that do not contain wheat, soy, corn or eggs. He particularly loves their Salmon and Brown Rice recipe. It is gluten-free and, to him at least, delicious.

Limited Edition foods — Merrick’s Limited Edition dog food is superb for dogs with minor allergies, or those whose owners want to be sure they are given the best food possible.

These foods come in a variety of flavors, never have more than nine ingredients in them and all are completely natural foods.

The foods also contain vitamins and minerals so that your dog gets the absolute best nutrition it can.

In fact, we noticed a big difference in our dog’s energy levels after just a few days of eating a couple of these Limited Edition foods.

If our dog could speak, he would probably tell you the Real Chicken and Sweet Potato recipe is to die for and, if your pet likes lamb, there is a Lamb and Sweet Potato Limited Edition dried food he probably thinks every dog would be lucky to be able to eat.

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