Top 3 Best Coolers For Outdoor Adventures

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April 29, 2019
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Top 3 Best Coolers For Outdoor Adventures

If you are going camping outdoors, you know that you’re going to need a cooler. It’s often said that a cooler is actually the most important thing to take with you and your camping. Sure, a tent is important. You don’t want to get rained on or have bugs and other animals entering your sleeping bag. But you are going to need to eat. And unless you plan on bringing a slingshot and taking out some squirrels, you’re going to need one of the top coolers. And besides, what’s camping without beer?

Metal Cooler

The best coolers are made of metal. Metal coolers are often more durable, can take more abuse, and actually offer better value for your money then cheaping out and getting a plastic cooler. Plastic coolers aren’t necessarily bad, but metal coolers will last you longer and actually save you money. That’s why this cooler, the Igloo Stainless Steel Cooler, is a wonderfully valuable pick for anyone looking to get a cooler for outdoor camping purposes .

What About a Plastic One?

Let’s say that you’re a little strapped for cash right now . Well, as far as plastic coolers go, you’re going to want to pick one that has high quality insulation on the inside. Make sure that you are getting a plastic cooler that does not have any harmful chemicals that could be involved in the plastic creation process left over. A lot of chemicals can leak into the water that you’re going to having the cooler when the ice melts. this cooler here is a good example of these qualities. I recommend the Igloo Ice Cube Roller Cooler

Cream of the Crop

Now, for the best of the best . if you’ve got money to burn and want to keep cooler that’s going to last you years worth of camping, you can never go wrong with the Coleman Steel Belted Portable Cooler. It is a lot larger than other coolers and has metal construction. Also, to its credit, it looks really cool with an awesome retro design.