The benefits of hiring an elderly companion service

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September 13, 2019
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The benefits of hiring an elderly companion service

Should you hire an elderly companion service?

According to the AARP, there are approximately 34.2 million informal caregivers in the U.S who have taken care of an adult age 50 or older in the last 12 months. An informal caregiver is defined as someone who gives home health care to a family member or a friend without compensation. Informal Caregivers can sometimes become overwhelmed with their responsibilities, or sometimes older adults who stay alone find they need more help around the house. A senior companion care service, like European Caregivers, provides companions who can provide emotional support and companionship for seniors who are still healthy and Mobil. If you are thinking about hiring an elderly companion service to assist a loved one, here are a few reasons why you should.


Improved quality of life

Companions can improve the quality of life for seniors in a variety of ways. In a study conducted by the University of Michigan, 34% of adults ages 50 – 80 reported feeling a lack of companionship. Previous research has linked loneliness and social isolation to an early death. Isolation and loneliness can take a toll on your heart and increase an individual’s chance of having a heartache or stroke. Some reports even show that chronic loneliness can shorten life expectancy more than obesity or living a sedentary lifestyle and just as much as smoking. A companion can help alleviate the feeling of loneliness or isolation. When choosing a companion, you have the option to choose an individual who’s personality matches your loved one. your companion can spend time with your loved one watching tv, playing cheese, going for walks or doing many other activities that are known to increase an individual’s wellbeing. A companion can help to improve a senior citizen’s health by providing regular transportation. Regular transpiration guarantees that a senior citizen can always get the groceries, medicines, and hygiene products that they need.

Peace of mind

Choosing to pay for a companion service can bring peace of mind to you and your loved one. Many companions enjoy what they do and become close friends with the senior citizens they are hired to interact with. You can read many stories online, that involves a companion providing emotional support to a senior citizen until their unfortunate passing.

Deciding to pay for an elderly companion.

After deciding to hire an elderly companion, you may be wondering how you will go about paying for this service. Paying for a companion will normally cost around $13- $17 an hour and there are sometimes government programs that will help provide a companion. Many insurance companies will even completely cover or help cover the cost of hiring a companion. Hiring a companion can be a positive event that you would not want to miss out on.

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