Knock-Down or Finesse? Your Choice between an AR-10 and AR-15

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June 13, 2019
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Knock-Down or Finesse? Your Choice between an AR-10 and AR-15

The journey of the modern-day AR-10 and AR-15 began in October 1954. The predecessor of both rifles was the AR-1, which started development for a specific purpose. Its purpose was to serve as a paratrooper’s rifle, otherwise known as a para-sniper rifle. Ultimately, the key function in design would focus on being lightweight. After all, the rifle would most likely be deployed by downed pilots and personnel carrying survival gear.

Consequently, in 1955 the AR-10 began production. The history of this rifle includes relative failure. Interestingly, the AR-10 was declined for military use by the U.S government, meaning it would not act as a replacement to the M1 Garand. This Full-Caliber and lightweight firearm would continue to change in functionality and design. Ultimately, leading to the creation of the AR-15.


Little known facts about the AR-15?

The AR-15 can best be described as the scaled-down version of the original AR-10. Maintaining its lightweight design, this firearm comes with the capacity for 20 or 30 round magazines. Getting its debut as a smaller .223-caliber armament, the AR-15 was first presented to CONRAC for testing. The U.S. Continental Army Command (CONRAC) was eyeing this new aluminum alloy rifle to replace 5 U.S. service rifles, all at once. This is what the AR-15 accomplished, but not before receiving a veto-vote from the Army Chief of Staff. General Maxwell D. Taylor favored the less capable M14 rifle, which was used during the Vietnam War.


Choice Between AR-10 and AR-15

The Pros versus Cons of each rifle boil down to one factor. Both rifles are lightweight with the AR-15 being lighter. With that being said, the 700 rounds per minute fire rate of the AR-10 may be less when compared to the 800 rounds per minute rate of the AR-15. It is important to note, for civilian use, single round and semi-automatic shot capabilities go with both designs. Therefore, the take away from the shot capacity is that of knock-down strength.

The kinetic energy transferred to the target from the fired round is greater with the heavier mass. Thus, the AR-10 supplies greater knock-down potential. Making this design ideal for hunting big game. Conversely, the AR-15 round has better long-range accuracy. Making the design of this rifle perfect for law enforcement/sniper operations. Likely, you are not considering pursuing a sniper school. So it is best to consider the AR-15 when compared to the AR-10 in terms of home protection.

Both options have their advantages as shown on The journey of the AR-10 and AR-15 is an interesting one. From para-sniper to home protection, the design features of this rifle are appealing. To be sure, both firearms are capable rifles. Which one will you choose? Let us know in a comment below.

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