Combining a Durag with Your Outfits

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November 14, 2018
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Combining a Durag with Your Outfits

Various cultures, races, backgrounds, and origins interacting come up with different kinds of mixed up vibe and fashion. Dressing code, for instance, is known to be unique depending on the kind of race or origin. In America for instance, the African Americans are unique to their dressing style the same as the Whites and Indians. Focusing on durags as a form of clothing, this article determines a factual reporting that this kind of clothing emerged in 1979 where it became very popular among the African Americans. It is in this period that this kind of clothing was viewed as stylish and was worn by men, mostly Hip-Hop artists. During this particular period, this kind of music was becoming popular and thus was very influential to people, especially the African Americans thus made durags very common and known.

What is a durag?

A durag is a piece of clothing, a scarf like clothing that is wrapped around a person’s head, either male or female when his or her head is either treated or under treatment, washed or as commonly known to the African American society, in order to obtain waves; a hairstyle common to young boys and men. It can as well be defined, thus as a clothing type which can be used by both genders to cover and protect their head.

How to wear a durag

Just as defined above, a durag is a scarf like, a piece of clothing that is used to cover the head. Durags can be worn in different ways by both male and female genders depending on the role that it plays, either for fashion and style or for covering the head.

Men, for example, can put on designer durags differently for instance; for the purpose of style, men put on durags then on top of it, wear capes as well. This is one common style among the African Americans which was influenced mostly by musicians; Curtis Jackson (50 Cent) and Robert Sylvester Kelly (R. Kelly) in the late 90s and early 2000s. Other men also wear durags by just tying it around the head without the cape.

Ladies also wear durags differently, for instance, a popular musician, Solange Knowles during the Met Gala show (a popular fashion reveal show in America). Solange wore a durag with a cape out dropping down towards her back with a golden crown on top of her head to portray the theme of the show which was Catholicism.

Durags can, therefore, be manipulated differently depending on the main intent of the person wearing it to bring out a different style or fashion. As discussed above, they can be wrapped around the head, they can be worn with capes on top of it, and they can be manipulated to express different fashions, and themes thus have multi-purposes and multi trending styles, thus can be considered a style of clothing.