Borboleta Handbags: Beautiful, sustainable and cruelty-free handbags

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Borboleta Handbags: Beautiful, sustainable and cruelty-free handbags

Handbags are more than functional items. They serve as fashion statements and give people hints about your personality. Hence, they are one of the key accessories for every woman out there.

However, one big problem with handbags is that not all companies follow sustainable practices and cause considerable damage to the environment. That’s why many fashion brands have decided to make some drastic changes and follow ethical and sustainable practices. On the other hand, sustainable brands have become more common since the beginning of the 2010s decade, and Borboleta is part of this list.

About Borboleta

Borboleta is a company based in Thailand. It was founded in 2012, primarily focusing on women’s handbags. Over the years, the company has expanded its catalog and now offers more things, although their initial focus on women’s accessories is still present.

Each product manufactured by Borboleta was manually manufactured by a local artisan that receives good treatment, fair pay and bonuses. Plus, the work environment at the headquarters has been accustomed, so each worker has access to all the necessary tools and commodities they need to feel comfortable throughout their workday.

Handbags and more cruelty-free products are available

Borboleta offers beautiful handbags that are made using synthetic leather or vegan leather. Either option ensures the product preserves its high quality, allowing you to take your favorite กระเป๋าสะพายข้าง anywhere at any time. The durability of each product available at the Borboleta store is more than assured.

If you’re looking for a different storage option, Borboleta also has clutches, wallets and bags available. Hence, you can complete your whole bag collection in little time as you will be able to find sustainable and stylish options within the categories available at the store.

A men’s collection is in the works!

Although the primary focus of Borboleta is the female market, the company started offering products for men not long ago. It is now possible to find men’s wallets and belts at the Borboleta store, and it is very likely for the brand to expand its offer in the years to come.

Ethical practices

As mentioned, one of the biggest problems that people have with fashion brands is the lack of options that follow sustainable and ethical practices. However, Borboleta has decided to emphasize these values, ensuring that their facilities provide each employee with a healthy environment where they feel comfortable and motivated to work in their responsibilities.

Furthermore, all of the products that Borboleta offers are free of cruelty. No animal has to be harmed in order for us to look good.

Contribute to the Ocean of Wisdom Foundation with each purchase

Borboleta works together with the Ocean of Wisdom Foundation to fund educational programs and breakfast for the youth in Thailand. Hence, with each purchase, you’ll be causing a positive impact on a child’s life. A small action like purchasing a stylish bag can make a huge difference in a kid’s future. Borboleta can help you positively impact the world while also contributing to your self-expression.

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