Best Night Vision Scopes for Hunting

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Best Night Vision Scopes for Hunting

Any hunter can attest to the fact that having a good night vision scope is essential for hunting animals like raccoons and hogs in the dark. Today we’re going to take a look at the best options for casual to serious hunters in order to help you make an informed purchase before your next hunting trip.

Best Night Vision Scope For The Price

Sightmark Photon XT 4.6.X42S Digital Night Vision Scope

Sightmark is fast becoming one of the most trusted brands in rifle scopes. While not rated the absolute best in the field, the Photon has a 4.3 rating or higher across the web and can be bought for a moderate price of just a few hundred dollars.

Sightmark Photon works best at medium ranges, with reticle options available in red, white or green. The reticle options of the scope are what give it its impressive number of ways it can be used. The scope has two crossbow reticles, two duplex reticles for rifles as well as the option of using the German style reticles.

Other features beyond reticles include the digital interface which gives you elevation and wind direction along with the adjustments you need to make. The Photon also has a magnification of 4.6x which allows you to see detail up to 120 yards away. These features allow you to make accurate shots in various conditions.

In addition to those factors the scope is lighter and has a longer battery life than many scopes in the same domain which may be a crucial factor if you’re plan on hunting for long periods of time.

Overall, the Sightmark Photon is a great scope for beginner or moderate hunter and it has several features and options to choose from when operating to make it a great pick.

The Absolute All around Scope

Armasight NYX-14 GEN 3+ Alpha MG Multi-Purpose Night Vision Monocular with Manual Gain

This scope, is a generation three scope, which means that it’s so technologically advanced that the U.S. Military uses these scopes on their rifles. Generation three scopes are known not only for their high-level technology, which if perfect for the serious hunter, but also for their price, which generally is in the thousands.

However, when you purchase a generation three scope you do get what you pay for. The highest technology offers the best low-light performance, ranges of 300 yards, battery expectancies of over 10,000 hours and the absolute best image resolution.

The Armasight NYX-14 has as an expected 5 star rating across the internet. In addition, it’s extremely durable and lightweight for its size. It’s also hard-wearing in various bad conditions including salt water, rain, and temperature extremes. This scope has a built in standard 1X magnification, but it comes with other various magnification lenses from 3X to 8X for various distances.

The NYX-14’s most unique feature is the manual gain component. This allows the hunter to change the image brightness for any situation. Also, with a hefty price tag, Armasight thankfully offers a 2-year warranty for this model so you can be comfortable in knowing you’re covered if something does go wrong with your scope.

After reviewing these two options, you now have an idea of the best scope for you. For some, it will be a good moderate scope and for others it means getting serious and buying something a little more serious. Click the link to read more night vision scope reviews. Either way, you’ll have a good scope and good time hunting.

Also you can go to youtube to check out some of the awesome night hunting videos to see how a night scope can improve your hunting, e.g.