What to look for in a vacate cleaning service when hiring one?

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September 3, 2017
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What to look for in a vacate cleaning service when hiring one?

If you are going to be hiring a vacate cleaning service when you move out of your rented accommodation, there are a few things you should definitely look for before you do.


Things that will ensure you are not only happy with the cleaning you get, but also that you get your entire deposit back as well.


What do they clean? — One of the first things you should find out from any company that offers vacate cleaning services, like Vacate Cleaning Melbourne,  is exactly what those services cover.


Do they clean windows, walls, doors, light fixtures and floors? Do they clean bathrooms thoroughly and make sure all your kitchen appliances are spot-free both inside and out?


Do they remove light fixtures and make sure there are not any dead bugs hanging around for your landlord to find and complain about?


In other words, do they do all those cleaning jobs you know need to be done in order for you to get your deposit back?


Do they offer a bond back guarantee? — The most reputable vacate cleaning services offer a bond back guarantee.


This means they guarantee, if your landlord decides some of your home is not cleaned enough and will not refund your entire deposit because of it, they will return to your former home and clean it again.


If he still does not return your money, they will refund some of your cleaning costs to help compensate.


On top of this, they will also give you a professional receipt showing that you had your home cleaned by a vacate cleaning service. This receipt should help guarantee to your landlord that your home has been cleaned to his satisfaction.


Do they have insurance? — A reputable vacate cleaning service should also be fully insured.


This means they have insurance that will pay for any damages they cause or any breakages that occur while they are cleaning your former home.


Do they offer all-inclusive packages? — While most vacate cleaning service charge you per hour per person, some of them also offer all-inclusive cleaning packages.


These packages are a fixed fee and guarantee a full clean of your entire home. If you have a large house, or have areas of it that are going to need a deep clean, then an all-inclusive package may be your best choice.


How long have they been in business? — You are better going with a cleaning service that has been in business for several years, and has hundreds of happy clients.


This is due more to the fact they will have the experience to know exactly what a landlord is looking for rather than that they are a ‘better company’ than others simply due to longevity.


Find out from each company you speak to how long they have been in business, and if they have customer testimonials you can read. This will often give you enough information to ascertain that a specific company you may hire is reputable and likely to do a very good job.

If you still want to DIY, check out these awesome cleaning tips to get your place ready in time.